• Kim Pine: Scott Pilgrim is dating a high-schooler?
  • Scott Pilgrim: An ASIAN high-schooler! And she has the cutest little racist name, "Knives Chau!" So you know, chalk that up as a win for people who sexualize teenage girls AND asian women.
  • Kim Pine: What the fuck??
  • Scott Pilgrim: Well you see, I'm awkward so girls don't like me, so I figured if I dated a girl so much less emotionally mature than I was, she wouldn't be able to see that I'm a huge loser, so I might finally get laid...
  • Kim Pine: You...
  • Scott Pilgrim: No no, this is relatable! This is going to resonate with bitter twenty-something male virgins all over the place!
  • Kim Pine: That's horrifying and if this movie doesn't end with me beating the fucking shit out of y- oh nope you're going to get rewarded with unadulterated adoration from me and the other two primary female characters